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RMS is an architectural and engineering firm based in Lisbon and led by Rodrigo Machado Soares. RMS develops its activity in the areas of Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design.
With more than 16 years of experience, RMS team members, a cohere group of professionals, have a permanent drive to innovate whilst combining, in each challenge, the aim for innovation with the assurance of always keeping clients deadlines and reaching their goals.
The dedication of our team and the quality of its work is the differentiating element that adds value to the company.
The greatest asset of RMS is a competent and proactive team with proven know-how and experience. This asset allows us to develop projects of great technical difficulty, with high conceptual value and technical quality.
Our scope ranges from private houses with site and client-specific detailing to large scaled projects, including architectural and engineering works: for all cases we provide a comprehensive pack of technical and legal design, and accompany all procedures till completion.
In order to achieve the above-mentioned scope, RMS establishes, when necessary, partnerships with Consultants and/or Engineering companies and others, to cover in a comprehensively manner all technical issues to attend to all client’s requirements.