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Rodrigo Machado Soares

Rodrigo Machado Soares formed RMS-Architects in 2008. Prior to this he worked in several other architecture firms. Rodrigo studied at Universidade Lusiada in Lisbon, where he completed his Architecture Degree in 1998.

From 2009 to 2012 RMS-Architects was in a joint venture with Saraiva+Associados where Rodrigo was the Senior Partner responsible for the export department.
Throughout those 3 years, Rodrigo established his reputation through a broad range of institutional, commercial, hospitality and residential projects, developed in several countries.
Ever since, he has been working mostly in Senegal, Ivory-Coast and Ghana, and lately expanded to Angola, Mozambique and São Tomé.
Rodrigo has become known for designing unique projects of a strong conceptual basis derived from the specific needs and aspirations of each client.
Currently Rodrigo’s portfolio of projects includes master planning, resorts and hotels, residential, commercial and institutional buildings, and private homes, spanning over several countries.